Wave Private Boat Tour (8H) to Kleftiko-Sykia-Polyaigos (6 persons)

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8 Hour Tour - South Side of Milos and Polyaigos

Boat rentals in Milos: Your Tour of Milos island will start from the beautiful beach of Agia Kyriaki on the south side of the island. Enjoy a full-day private boat tour from Milos to Kleftiko, Sykia, and Poliaigos. Between that places, we will make several stops at some other amazing spots (Gerakas, Tsigrado, Kleftiko, Sykia, Bluewater, and Myrsini) for more details check below the itinerary. You will experience the beauty of a unique multifaceted island that boasts amazing crystal waters, unique colors of aged old rock, and the fun of visiting inside caves.

Cruise Details

  • 8 hour tour
  • Pick up place Agia Kiriaki beach on our floating dock
  • Starting 10:00
  • Max 6 people (plus the skipper)

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 Our first stop will be at Gerakas, which is a beach which can only be visited by boat,

but has its own beauty with plenty of white sand and what makes this unique is the huge “sand slides”, which lead up to the famous volcano known as Agia Kiriaki

 If you look carefully, you will notice caves along the beach.  One needs to be careful, as sometimes you can see steam emanating from them, which could scald you.  However, these caves have beautiful rock formations with their own set of distinctive colours. As a result of the steam the waters here are usually warmer than the others


 Our next stop at Tsigrado, with its huge white “sand slides” and crystal blue waters.

 This is a small, almost like a “private beach” that is accessible either by land or by boat.  The fun part of this beach, if you choose access by land, is that you have to negotiate the huge white “sand slides” and with the help of a rope, you can slowly climb down until you reach its sparkling little beach with deep blue turquoise waters.


 We will then sail onto Kleftiko, which will be the highlight of your trip

 Upon arrival at Kleftiko we drop anchor for a while where you can enjoy a swim and take photos.

 This specific area is surrounded by beautifully formed rocks, and you will find small caves which you can enjoy swimming in and out of.  We invite you to take a close look over the side of the boat, where you will be able to have a completely transparent view of the bottom of the ocean.  The blend of colour at Kleftiko poses a lifelong memory as you will find a unique peace brought about by the serenity and the different colour combinations of water and rocks at Klefitko.


 After packing up at Kleftiko, we will sail onto Sykia where you will experience another magical experience. The cave mouth at Sykia is big enough to allow the boat to enter the cave.  This is another enchanting part of our trip as you will see different rock materialisations

 This is an “open air” cave, and therefore these waters are filtered by the sun which illuminates the emerald-coloured waters found inside the cave. This experience allows you to take a few more photos, have another swim and once again see a variety of strikingly blended colours.


 At the most southern-eastern tip of the island, are the famous Blue Waters, that need no justification. A single dip in the flawless turquoise waters, with their white sand bottom, can rejuvenate anyone who enters these waters.

 There is no doubt, these are the most refreshing, stunning waters of the Cycladic islands.


 Sailing on we reach two small beaches; each with its own uniqueness.

 Pano Myrsini, (higher) beach is a shallow beach with sparkling white sand that looks like it’s made up of thousands of tiny diamonds, complimented by clear and enlightening sea floor.

By comparison, Kato Myrsini, (lower) is a strip of white sand that idly lies in front of some old no longer used fields.



Snacks (sandwiches and fresh fruit salads)

Soft drinks (orange juice , coca cola , water )


Wine ( Red and White)

full sun tent,


bucket seats,

folding ladders,

refrigerator ,

GPS plotter, including a USB source and radio equipment

electric anchor



Clean towels upon request (10 euros per person)  

we will refund the total amound to you due to bad weather condition checking the latest forecast

Cancellation fee of 30% of the total charter fee, for bookings cancelled within 7 days before reservation

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