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Olympic 4,5m

We have at our disposal brand new vessels 4,5m with 30 hp four-stroke engines, which do not require a high-speed permit. Our vessels are tested thoroughly to ensure your safe travel and are always in excellent condition.

Amenities – Vessels Feature:

  • awning sun
  • steering console
  • cooler
  • music speakers
  • not require a high-speed permit


What We Offer

Instructions for handling the vessel

  • Full rescue equipment
  • Insurance against third parties
  • Nautical map of Milos with the allowed cruising-course limits of the vessel engraved
  • Full fuel tank

It is possible to provide you with a skipper at extra cost.


Frequently Asked Questions
  • When the boat returns, we calculate the quantity of fuel that has been consumed and the client pays only for the fuel that he has consumed.
  • Before the departure, experienced pilots will show you the right way of handling the boat and the live-saving equipment, so that you are as safe as possible and that you live a unique experience.
  • According to the Greek law, the horse power of the engines our boats are equipped with is such, that there is no need to have a license to handle them
  • The rental of the vessel is prohibited to individuals under 18 years of age
  • Once the vessel is rented for the day it must be returned before sundown
  • The maximum distance from Milos with the vessel must not exceed the 2n.m.
  • In the event of damages on board or to the engine you are charged with the cost of the damage
  • The renter has the full responsibility for any bodily injury of the people on board
  • Clients must arrive to pick up the vessel 20 minutes prior to their departure in order to receive relevant information-training
  • With the conclusion of the rental contract, the client accepts the terms thereof and declares awareness of the manual of the vessel, the booking terms and any information he is given
  • The client must give weighty consideration to the presentation of how to use the safety equipment before renting
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