8 hours All Around Milos (Wave 6.50) up to 6 persons



8 Hour Tour - All Around Milos

Milos boat rentals Greece: We start from the beach of Agia Kyriaki and we will move all over Milos.

Cruise Details

  • 8 hour tour
  • Pick up place Agia Kiriaki beach on our floating dock
  • Starting 10:00 – 18:00
  • Max 6 people (plus the skipper)

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Our first stop will be in Gerakas. Gerakas is a beach where you can visit only by boat. On this beach we find white sand, crystal clear blue waters and a special background with huge "slides" of sand that fall into a white strip of sand. Just above, is the volcano of Agia Kyriaki. On the beach there are some caves that if you visit you will still see steam coming out, with their waters always being very warm.


Right after that we stop at Tsigrado. A small beach where you reach it by descending with a rope and at the end with a ladder, so the easiest way to get to the cigarette is by boat.


Arriving at the kleftiko we stop for swimming and photos. you will be enchanted by the white rocks and the formations they make as well as the caves. There you can swim and get into them.


Finally we reach the cave of the fig tree where we will enter with the boat to take nice photos that will enchant you. The cave has no roof so that the sun's rays enter illuminating its emerald waters and create a visual experience of colors and glow.


Agios Ioannis is a picturesque pristine beach, consisting of three small sections. The area of Agios Ioannis beach is covered with fine sand and is surrounded by high white rocks on all sides, so there are no strong winds or high waves. The water in the bay is clean, with the incredible emerald color.


The sea of Kalogria is crystal clear, one of the most beautiful on the island of Milos, with turquoise waters and water that will definitely make you think of a natural pool.


You can reach Vani by boat. The sea visit allows you to tour the cliff of Vani just below it.


Lunar landscape with white rocks, white sand and turquoise waters is the minimal description of the beach "symbol" for the island of Milos. A deep cove with green waters, which as they deepen acquire shades of blue. Sarakiniko is a beach a real phenomenon that attracts hundreds of tourists every day, absolutely justified.


This is an amazing beach with crystal clear waters and colors created by the sulfur. It is also a beach with mostly warm waters



Snacks (sandwiches and fresh fruit salads)

Soft drinks (orange juice , coca cola , water )


Wine ( Red and White)

full sun tent,


bucket seats,

folding ladders,

refrigerator ,

GPS plotter, including a USB source and radio equipment

electric anchor



Clean towels upon request (10 euros per person)  

we will refund the total amound to you due to bad weather condition checking the latest forecast

Cancellation fee of 30% of the total charter fee, for bookings cancelled within 7 days before reservation

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